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We are very proud to start a collaboration between Chalk and WeSkate Mongu in Zambia. We just fell in love with their initiative and the people driving this incredible energy. We will have so many things to tell you about our next actions all together. Here is already some informations to get to know this project : 


WeSkate Mongu is a youth run non profit that is aimed at inspiring children in Zambia to dream big by giving them opportunities to discover their potential through creative arts and sports education. 

Also providing skateboarding accessible to all the youths in Mongu regardless of background, gender or religion, its main mission is to empower the youths.


It was founded in 2016 and has been giving free skateboarding /life lessons every two hours a day and seven days a week. It does community outreach and brings in over 200 kids a week for its different creative programs, it started out with Johnny teaching about 15-20 kids how to skate using one skateboard.


-Instagram : @weskate_mongu101

-Facebook : WeSkate Mongu

Due to limited resources kids started showing up for lessons with self-made skateboards from planks and suitcase wheels, this led to Johnny seeking for donations from other skaters in different countries. 


To date they have hosted events where they fed more than 200 kids and gave away school bags, stationery, shoes, food stuff such as tray of eggs, cooking oil, packs of sugar and also soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste.


We have just had a fundraiser where they have raised money to buy 200 pairs of shoes for vulnerable.

We have taught over 400 kids how to skate ad continue to provide safe places to do so, they are currently in partnership with other organizations to bring better skateboarding services to Mongu.


Our mission is to empower youths through Skateboarding, either teaching them life skills, helping them develop their talent and reach more at-risk youths and empower girls to take on challenges they are facing. 

Build a facility that will be used as some sort of class, art room, or any recreational activity. This will provide some basic education for those who won't be able to access education, with our program edu-skate we will be able to help children with homework and some extra lessons in Math, English and Computer.

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