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Interview of Kris, Content Manager of the 2020 European Custom Board Show.

Dernière mise à jour : 16 févr. 2021

I am Kris (Christine Paquet) and I am Graphic Designer at Absolute Agency in Brussels, Belgium. I joined Chalk Custom Board Project a couple of months ago! Mathieu Bonte (Mata7ik) contacted me to handle the “urbanity / Brussels” part of the European Custom Board Show for the 2020 edition (

When he proposed me this project, I knew I would be really happy with it, even if I had no deep knowledge of the skate scene and world! It was a true opportunity for me to use my skills and also my energetic vibes for this project.

My objective was to consolidate and create some relevant content about the skate scene, with a focus on Brussels. I really wanted to remain focused on simplicity, authenticity and accessibility of this content for anyone interested in this!

I would like to thank Les Halles Saint Gery for their trust, their warm welcome and also their strong involvement in this major project! Big up to Aldo Martinez and Tine Dupré.

I am in charge of writing the whole content of this exhibition: we decided to highlight skateboarding trough its history, its current position and its impact in Brussels. I also really wanted to show the link between skateboard and the city of Brussels. Skate is bringing something very important for Brussels, and vice versa.

I went to meet and spend qualitative time with skaters from the Belgian scene, ‘the ones who created the skate scene in Brussels since 20 years’. It was a real pleasure to get their stories, feelings, and opinions on how skateboarding took place and what are the main challenges to keep on expanding, with its rules, its philosophy and constraints.

Proud and happy to be fully part of the grand opening of the European Custom Board Show on the 2nd of July 2020! We managed to gather everyone’s strength to make this event a real success. I am highly satisfied, and we got so many good vibes and feedbacks.

This gives me a lot of energy to already dream of the next editions! I even ended up by purchasing my first skateboard at Ride All Day skateshop (thanks Yves for sharing your passion!).

Yves’s interview was a very authentic moment I shared with him and I am pretty happy of it. My objective is now to progress on my new skateboard and I hope to manage to cruise in town with it and try a few tricks ;-)The European Custom Board Show is on for the whole summer and we are planning a movie projection with Kevin Dupont (Skatoria) soon! We are also organizing conferences, workshops, guided tours…

The opening was a starting point of the event but we have so much to offer during the whole summer.

I will be pleased to share with you all this content, stories, feelings and passion! Come and visit us as soon as you can!

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