This unique piece custom board is handmade with Molotow markers, acrylic and varnish. Shape design by Woodnote from Bruges.

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Teratoiid leaves his native France for Brussels in 2010. It's the same year that he begins his first experiments of linocut printings on T-shirts.

Inspired since his adolescence by punk music and DIY spirit, he starts his project of alternative shop and Monsters laboratory. Home-made, ethics and limited series are the key words.

Since then, various projects followed one another. Of the micro-boutique of the Brussels Micro-market, to the Plagiarama gallery in 2012, including the Chalk Custom Board collective in 2015, his monsters evolve and the diversity of techniques used with.



Dimensions 91 cm x 24 cm

Year 2016

Type of board Longboard

Shaper Woodnote (The Bug)

Process Molotow markers, acrylic and varnish