DRC bird (feathers series)

This custom board was created in 2016 and belongs the the Mata7ik Feathers Series. This bird was discovered by Mata7ik during a travel in Democratic Republic of Congo, in Lubumbashi. This very rare and fragile bird caught my attention and is now drawn on this board forever. 

Mata7ik is a french artist based in Brussels, Belgium. He is the co-founder of Chalk Custom Board Project and the European Custom Board Collective Show. Passionate about board design, he was already addicted by skate & surf graphics when he was a kid, collecting magazines and advertising and sticking the best graphics in his own secrete book. Mata7ik has always been riding on wheels, on a longboard, on a skateboard, on his bike... Mata7ik has been drawing and painting on various supports such as walls, wood, paper, cardboards, clothes...but he is now mainly customizing boards for Chalk Custom Board Project.

Dimensions 98 x 24 cm

Year 2016

Type of board Drop Trough Cruiser

Shaper Transind

Process Spray Paint, Poscas, Yacht varnish